I was in my wheelchair, previously, I had been diagnosed with a spinal tumour that left me with a 98% chance of never walking again, so, I was pretty fragile. But I decided to go into GAME to buy an Xbox with my mum. I was at the counter with the money in my hand and the cashier wouldn’t even look at me let alone speak to me, the cashier would only direct questions to my mum. I presumed the person felt uncomfortable dealing with disabled people and just assumed that I wasn’t just physically disabled but also mentally. The cashier made me feel small. Much like the time some idiots shouted “cripple” at me. I was angry, sure I was but they are just ignorant, stupid, and pathetic. There are ignorant people everywhere through all walks of life, it’s probably just the way they have been brought up. But much like the 98% chance of never walking again, I overcame it. I used my brain, and I got through it. I learned to walk again and I learned to not be walked over again. Words don’t hurt me, I have been through the worst physical pain you can imagine before, I am not going to be put down by somebody else’s words.

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