Warrior Poets

“I am not defined by my scars, but by the incredible ability to heal.” Lemn Sissay

All too often, young people in care and young refugees are defined by their past, rather than by the resilience they draw upon in order to overcome the hardships that they have faced at such a young age.

Society often maps a future for them dominated by antisocial behaviour and criminal activity instead of recognising that through overcoming adversity, these young people develop a strength and fortitude that makes them a hugely valuable asset to their community. 

Wise Words partnered with the Marlowe, Virtual Schools Kent and Kent Refugee Action Network to create Warrior Poets – a project through which we are working with young people in care and young refugees to explore and celebrate this resilience. 

The young people, working with poets, a projection artist, a musician and a visual artist, created an immersive, sensory landscape of projected words, poetry and imagery that appeared first at the Marlowe Studio for their Gala weekend in October 2016 and then at Wise Words in May 2017.

Artists with whom we partnered:

Joelle Taylor; shadow poets Alex Vellis & Patrick Connolly; visual artist Greg Stobbs; musician Richard Navarro, projection artist Pete Wallace and Lemn Sissay as artistic director.