Introducing Sir Robin…

Sir Robin is the watchful Guardian of the Secret Garden. Often found gobbling grubs or composing sonnets in the shrubs, his hobbies include spotting eels in the river, stories and knitting cardigans for the bees. His rakish charm, smoothly rehearsed lines and flirtatious moves have earned him a bit of a reputation.

Sir Robin is proud of his smart feather coat with its plush red chest, an outward sign of the passion and creative energy that burns within his little heart. Heralded as the bird of spring, the season of growth and renewal, he takes this role seriously – reminding us that only through being gentle with and nurturing ourselves are we able to offer the world our best and experience life to the full. 

What makes your heart sing?
My heart sings when I find a fresh, wriggling earthworm. There’s nothing quite like it. Unfortunately I’m rarely up with the dawn and it’s true what they say, the early birds do catch the best worms!

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What makes your heart sink?
My heart sinks when I see people who are clearly struggling or sad. Or when I can’t find the keys to my nest (absolute NIGHTMARE!).
I feel desperately sad when I see humans fighting. Like humans, we robins are crazily territorial but when we are involved in disputes we sing to each other. Imagine the world if humans could do this too.

What advice would you give your six year old self?
Six years?! I shall never live to 6. I am 10 months into a life that will probably last no longer than 13 months, so you could argue that I’m in my twilight years. I would advise my 6 month old self not to go swimming in November without a wetsuit and never ever to pick a fight with Lorenzo the Spanish pigeon.
I would also say that very occasionally humans can make good teammates. I was reticent when the Wise Words team first asked to use my gardens but things have turned out pretty good.