Announcing the Winners of our design your own Roald Dahl inspired character competition!

We were totally overwhelmed by the number of entries we received from all across the world. There were entries from India, Africa, Japan and lots and lots from Scotland. It was very hard to judge them – some were drawn incredibly beautifully whilst others had obviously thought long and hard about the development of their character. Others were beautifully stitched, modelled out of clay or painted. A few children had written whole books to go with their characters.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent us a design – it has been tremendous fun opening all the letters and parcels. Although there are many more entries than we had even dared to hope for, we will do our utmost to find a way to display or include each and every one, in some way at our festival.


Announcing the Winners of our design your own Roald Dahl inspired character competition!

Winning Entry

Hector the Collector

By Joe Middleton

Aged  7 1/2

This intriguing character captured our imagination and we can’t wait to meet him at this year’s Festival. Our costume designer and actors are already hard at work, bringing every aspect of his character to life and are planning how best to introduce him to the others within our cast of characters. 

You can come and meet Hector the Collector at this year’s festival. Although he may make an appearance during the first weekend, we imagine he will be out in force, collecting and sharing his collection of finds, across the 7th & 8th of May. 

Runners Up

These two entries captured our imaginations and filled us with excitement. These works of art will be on display within our festival. 

Crackers the Chameleon

Cracker the Chameleon 

By Fatimah – Zahra Kennedy

Aged 11

Cracker the Chameleon is a friend for Matilda. Crackers knows more than 200 languages by heart, his wish is to fly. He turns bright red when angry and can become invisible when scared. Crackers is a secret pet – Matilda’s parents and brother don’t know about him!

He is good at charades and mimes to Matilda to tell her what he wants. He changes colour in response to Matilda’s moods or to warn her if her parents or brothers are coming. When he is excited he becomes sparkly and colourful like he is in this picture. 

He loves being stroked, patted, fed and tickled and his favourite foods are crackers and Mrs Trunchball’s chocolates. He smells minty when he is happy and smokey when he is angry. 

He is very brave and daring. One day he plans to bite miss Trunchball. 

Announcing the Winners of our design your own Roald Dahl inspired character competition!

Mrs Dreadful

Mrs Dreadful – Aged 88

Address: 23 Scruffy Lane, Smellington, PEW U

An entry from Year 3/4 at Wood Memorial CP School, Saltney

Mrs Dreadful is a short, stumpy old woman with big googly red veined eyes and bird nest hair. She heckled every 30 seconds, with revolting smelly breath. Also she limps along with her walking stick. 

Her hobby is to make children miserable.

Her favourite food is anchovy custard. 

Her ambition is to become the world most hated! 

To sum her up in three words….MEANY OLD GRUMP! 



Runner Up 1

And here are just a few more that particularly caught our eye!

The Big Friendly Tree

The Big Friendly Tree

By Isabella Ann Smith 

Aged 9

Introducing the Big Friendly Tree! He wanders around and at nighttime he roots down in peoples gardens because he likes to sleep in different places. But mostly he does this because he is hunting for Bubble & Squeak, which he loves to eat! 

He also wants for people to care about trees and the environment because trees give us oxygen and without this we will die. 

The Big Friendly Tree smells of moss , leaves, wild flowers and   ……..  CABBAGE! 

Runner up 4

The Rabrobskehum

The Rabrobskelhum

By Mana Tanaka 

The Rabrobskelhum is made out of a Rabbit, Robot, Skeleton and a human. He lives in an apple. His favourite food is slippers. He makes a paper crunching noise. 

The Rabrobskelhum fears cats but he has got a power to make himself invisible so that he can run. The best thing is if you find him you can ask him to do your homework. 

Announcing the Winners of our design your own Roald Dahl inspired character competition!

The Very Interrupting Dinosaur

The Very Interrupting Dinosaur

By Edie King 

Aged 6 1/2 

The Very Interrupting Dinosaur lives on planet Mars. It smells of chicken. 

It eats other dinosaurs that are a lot less strong than him. It is brave and cheeky and if he doesn’t interrupt anyone it makes him sad. To jump for joy he interrupts everybody that goes past him.

He speaks Japanese.

He wants to interrupt the world!  

Announcing the Winners of our design your own Roald Dahl inspired character competition!

Mr Crocodile

Mr Crocodile 

By Bailey Rhodes

Age 5

Hello they call me Mr Crocodile but my real name is Oscar Croc. As you can see, I am a crocodile but not related to the silly enormous crocodile.

You might see me swimming in your local swimming pool or local swamp.  I am warning you now that I am really selfish. I don’t usually admit that but for you I’ve made an exception. 

I cook and eat what I cook and you are not allowed one nibble of my fish. My favourite (and only dish).

I live in a detached house in the city that isn’t attached to anything because I don’t want to share walls not even with you. I have a bath yes, but refuse to use it because it looks dirty and I don’t want to share my bath with dirt. So my floors are all filthy with crocodile footprints and rubbish. The bin man no longer comes and refuses to empty my bins for some reason – something about too many fish skeletons! 



Announcing the Winners of our design your own Roald Dahl inspired character competition!