Rough Cut

Rough Cut is a quarterly Zine designed and created by Word Out in collaboration with Wise Words.

Each edition there the group decides on the theme and appoints a new editor from the group. There is then an open call for submissions which can take the form of poetry, illustrations or photography. If someone wants to submit any digital content around the theme, it will be held on this page.



alex 1

Current Editor | Alex Vellis 

Alex is an original member of Word Out and an emerging local poet. In 2015 Alex won the Wise Words Grand Slam Final and has performed as a feature poet both at the Gulb Slam in Canterbury and more recently at Slam Dunk in Hastings. Alex is about to launch a Poet in Residence Scheme in collaboration with Wise Words and is himself a poet in residence at the Chocolate Cafe in Canterbury and at Wise Words.

As a poet Alex has a secret love affair with words “They know how to make me feel better after a hard day at work but can also strip the flesh from my bones if I have been out of line”.

Call Out for Submissions


We would welcome your submissions for the next edition of Rough Cut.

The Theme: “Kin” make of it what you will.

Guidelines: Work should be no longer than 500 words or should fit on one side of an A5 page. All submissions should be the artists original work.

Deadline: 10pm on 29th of February. Submit work to

Previous Editors

  • helen

    Helen does spoken word things and writing things. She does a lot of gigs and generally gets involved in Word Out shenanigans and escapades. She’s working on her first book about a weird hospital at the moment.

    She edited the first ever edition of Rough Cut. She likes things that are a bit surreal, a bit dark, twisty turny, funny, that kind of thing. Maybe a bit different. Got a bit of heart to it. Not pretentious stuff, not stuff that’s only for the very well read. It doesn’t even have to have perfect spelling or punctuation.
    She hopes Rough Cut can become a bit of a thing, and that people who submit and get published feel as excited as we do about our little zine. And she hopes if people submit but don’t get in, they will submit again…people should always feel welcome. At its core though, she hopes people find Rough Cut fun, ‘cos we could all do with a bit more fun now and again.