Our Funders, Sponsors and Supporters

As many of you know, Wise Words is a small festival with a big heart, run by a small and committed team; we are hugely grateful here at Wise Words to a all the organisations that have generously agreed to support our festival. Without their participation, our festival would be all the poorer.

We believe in poetry’s ability to act as an agent for change: reaching across differences, inspiring a sense of social responsibility, bearing witness to the diversity and complexity of human experience and helping us to imagine a better world. Creating opportunities for the widest possible audience to connect with and enjoy poetry is at the heart of our ambition. Our funders, sponsors and supporters enable this to happen.

Businesses in Canterbury support us in a number of ways – of course through offering sponsorship but also through offering accommodation for our artists, marketing, print and props to decorate the site.

For any business looking to support this year, we are still in urgent need of accommodation for artists and items or experiences that we could offer in our fundraising auction that will take place at the Lilford Gallery in the week before our festival as a pre-launch.

Accommodation needed:

Sunday 30th April: 9 rooms

Saturday 6th May: 3 rooms

Sunday 7th May: 2 rooms

Example Auction Items:

Meals for 2 at lovely restaurants

Coffee and Cake for two

Tickets to events or experiences

Vouchers or beautiful items that would appeal to people taking part in the auction

We ¬†really appreciate all the support we get and acknowledge this through ‘thank you’ posts on social media and through a hyperlinked logo on this page. Depending on the level of support, we¬†could also offer you sponsorship of events within the festival.

A huge thank you to: