The Chapel

Secret Garden, Stour Street, Canterbury, CT1 2NR

Alex Vellis | Everything is Terrible | The Chapel | 23:00 – 00:00 | £5

Performing poetry from his debut book ‘Everything Is Terrible’, the Wise Words Poet in Residence, Alex Vellis offers you a magical late night performance in our candlelit chapel.

If you have ever felt like you don’t belong, like you will never get better, like you would like it all to stop, then this reading is for you. Alex has seen a darkness in the world and has decided that talking about it, sharing it, should be the candle in the night.

Listen as he captures  his audience with stories of heartache and woe, ex-lovers, and shattered families. Have your tissues at the ready and be prepared to a shed a tear or two. But don’t worry because each tear of sympathy will soon be replaced by many tears of mirth as we  recognise in each of his poems,  our own insecurities and failed attempts at finding love.

Tickets: £5 (To include one literary cocktail)

Tickets can now be bought at the on site box office. (Cash only)

Age: 17+