Cowshed Studios

Wise Words is based at the Cowshed Studios, a beautiful barn on a farm in Bridge, near Canterbury in Kent. They are our home year round – the place where we plot and plan all our adventures.

Working there makes us happier, healthier, more creative people and that changes the way we look at the world around us.  We love that it is now becoming a more collaborative space for artists to develop work and connect with each other.

The Cowshed Studios now offer raw workshop space, studios  and  tidy offices, with further hot-desking space available for those who just sometimes need a break from working at home. All workspaces are offered at affordable rates with no scary contracts that tie artists into commitments that they might feel unable to keep.

The Cowshed Studios bring together a  community of warm, friendly, creative people who enjoy sharing skills, networks, resources and experience so that together we grow strong, keep learning and become more sustainable.