Wild Thing….you make my heart sing!

A message to little ones…

We would love you to come to the festival in the wildest outfits, with your longest tails (& tales) and sharpest teeth (& wits). Dream up the wildest of wild things that you you can possibly imagine and ask a big person to help your sew, stitch and glue a costume for you to wear.

Throughout the festival there will be countless opportunities for Wild Things to take part in ridiculous games and all manner of unexpected wild and adventurous shenanigans including impromptu pillow fights for Wild Things only!

All our performers and our family of volunteers will give out little prizes to worthy recipients – the loudest roar, the wisest thought, the longest claws, the most rambunctious dancer and the wildest or very sweetest of costumes.

Here at Wise Words we are aware that mums and dads are busy creatures and if time runs out before the festival, we will be running workshops on site where you can dream up and make the outfit that brings to life the wildest Wild Thing you imagination can conjure. Face painters will also be on hand to complete the magical transformation!

Step into our boat and sail off ‘through the night and day and in and out of weeks and almost over a year’ to where the other Wild Things are waiting to welcome you to all the fun of this years Wise Words Festival.

We look forward to seeing all you best dressed monsters hiding in the gardens and creating stories that will last in all our hearts forever!


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