Dodgems & Floss

What makes your heart sing?

Creating, collaborating with others to make things better. Whether it’s at the studio or the local council I love to work with others to solve problems.
What makes your heart sink?
Missed opportunities for sure; we can’t grab on to every single thing that comes our way, which makes our choices even more important.
What advice would you give your 6 year old self?
Life is ever-changing. It never stops, never stands still. So take the time to enjoy incredible moments as they come, and know that when they’re over there will be more in the future.


Tell us a little bit about Dodgems and Floss, who you are, what drives you as a business and your connection with or love of Canterbury.

We’re a design studio, right on Canterbury high street, but one that has realised design cannot be an insular thing; it thrives out of collaboration with others and the sharing of ideas. We love to create digitally and physically, and if there’s a project or problem that needs an element of design then we want to be involved. Canterbury is not just a beautiful and historic medieval city but also a creative and innovative place to live and work, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of that, pushing Canterbury forward as a centre for design excellence outside of London.
escape room


We were excited to see the Escape Room arrive on the high-street and were intrigued. It seems to be a huge success. Can you share any funny stories of people’s experiences in the room?

Canterbury Escape Room has been an awesome creative outlet for us. Everything about the project, from its inception and build through to the branding and marketing, just oozes Dodgems & Floss, and we’re loving meeting all the businesses, residents and tourists that it’s bringing in to our space. We’ve had all sorts come through the door to get locked up in our mock-medieval jail; birthdays, stag and hen do’s and even one very special couple who got engaged before making their final escape together! But our favourite players tend to be families, where the generations work together and show just how strong that family bond is.
Dodgems & Floss

What is it about Wise Words that caught your imagination as a business and led to you offering your support?

We just love Wise Words. For us it’s all about the creativity, the vibrance, the openness to new ideas and the willingness to explore them. It’s important for us that Canterbury knows this is exactly the sort of thing we want to see taking place in our city, and that we’re prepared to put our hard work in to do our bit.
Finally what are you most looking forward to at this years Festival?
For us it’s the atmosphere, the vibe, the whole energy that surrounds Wise Words and the creative talent that it attracts. It’s such an asset for Canterbury and we’re looking forward to spending time with you all again!