Where are Canterbury’s Hidden Stories & Gems?

I am honoured to be the Canterbury Laureate.  One of the pleasurable  tasks is to write a poem for this fair city.  And so I am finding my way through in search of hidden gems and hidden stories like the sculptures in the river.  What is  your hidden Canterbury gem?   It could be the smallest seemingly insignificant thing or a person:  The long gone watchmaker of Water Lane?

It could be a moment: like the time  you married or divorced at a particular place, or when you drank pop by the river or dug your garden. It  could be when you played football in a particular place or met  your lover by the banks of the stour  in autumn, could be the choir in the cathedral or the early onset of a particular flower.

Is it a character  a shopkeeper,  a hidden garden,  wildlife, a house,  a street corner, a homeless person, a priest,   a refugee you met,  a slice of history, a horizon, a moment you experienced, a cake shop,   a part of the church,  a walk  (where?), a bend in the river,  a story you’ve  heard, a graveyard,  a threat,   a birth,  a sunrise?

I would love to know your hidden Canterbury gem.   You can share with me in the comments under this blog  Thankyou.