Artist opportunity: The Wise Words Midnight Run

Fee: £130

Duration: Between 10 – 30 minutes

When: Sat 6th May (must be available from 19:00 – 01:00) | Must also be available for a day of planning on the 8th April.

Where: Canterbury, as part of the Wise Words Midnight Run

Performance / Demonstration / workshop

We are looking for three local artists, makers, or activists, to be part of The Wise Words Midnight Run. You can apply regardless of discipline, whether you are a dancer, origami artist, chef, forager, guerrilla gardener, painter, clown, or reiki expert.

How to apply:

Your application should include:

Details of what you would do. A performance or demonstration is fine, but some form of interaction is essential. This may be a complete workshop or may take a more experimental format.

Details of necessary materials & equipment (to be provided by the artist).

Whether the activity must take place in a particular space / is site-specific.

Your previous relevant experience (50-100 words max)

Please email applications to copying in and putting MNR APPLICATION in the subject box.

Deadline: Saturday 1st April midday. 



The Wise Words Midnight Run.

The Midnight Run is a walking, arts-filled, night-time cultural journey through urban spaces. It gathers strangers and local artists/activists to explore, play and create whilst the city sleeps.

To become a Midnight Runner is to return to simplicity, to entertain without entertainment, to trust in community and conversation, to rediscover our essential creative selves, to move through the city as a child moves through a maze – with adventure, curiosity and play.

For Wise Words 2017 this Midnight Run, in partnership with The Marlowe Theatre and Canterbury Business Improvement District, will explore Canterbury at night, and will be facilitated by award winning poet, tutor and Midnight Runner, Andy Craven-Griffiths.