A quick chat with Luke Wright.

With the festival mere days away, we had a quick chat with Luke Wright to his views on love. This is what he had to say.

What makes your heart sing?

When my sons talk to me and tell me something new; vast East Anglian skies; arriving back in Brighton to see my girlfriend; the songs of John Grant; an ice cold Negroni; getting over the 40 minute mark on a run.

What makes your heart sink?

Suicide tuesdays and Lincolnshire

This year’s festival theme is Love, so what does love mean to you?

It’s massive and terrifying and I need it.

Is it the answer to the world’s problems? Or does it cause them?

It would be glib to suggest either. The Jedi would have use believe that love can lead to the dark side; but then what price is a wank in these Jihadi cells.

Is it simply constructed by society to make us feel like there is some point to all this? Or is it a bedrock of the human soul?

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as being in love. When it’s going right! There’s nothing so terrible as unrequited love. I don’t think it’s a societal construct, although there is a lot of bullshit talked about it, and rules made up that people feel they have to follow. For example, I write these lines on Valentine’s day eve. Valentine’s Day is wretched – money spinning at the expense of love. Grim.

You can Catch Luke Wright’s show “The Toll” on Monday 1st of May at 19:00 – 20:30.

~ Alex Vellis.