A Catch up with Debris Stevenson

With the festival so close, we decided to catch up with some of the artists performing at Wise Words. Whilst she was off in distant lands, we asked Debris Stevenson some questions about what makes her heart sing, her heart sink, and her views on love. This is what she had to say.

What makes your heart sing?

-Dancing, covered in paint, in the rain as the sun rises over the a docking yard in Trinidad.
-Pickled onion monster munch.

-130 teenagers sitting in hallways writing silently.

What makes your heart sink?

-Blazing Squad.

-Lychees (texture of eyeballs taste of perfumed armpits?)

-The absence of empathy.

This year’s festival theme is Love, so what does love mean to you?

Wow, thats a big one. To me personality, it is replying to my mums 48th consecutive Facebook message despite my impatience and dyslexia, playing with my god-son even after he removes the pillow from my head at 6am and the way my body yawns and rings to Grime

Is it the answer to the world’s problems? Or does it cause them?

Wow, it gets harder!!!! I think in a way it is – I think we need to show more love to the earth in particular as we are destroying it pretty rapidly. But also I think sometimes we are so consumed and preoccupied with love for things, food, money, fuel that we destroy ourselves and the world. We are so pre-occupied with a love of growth we often don’t consider sustainability.

Is it simply constructed by society to make us feel like there is some point to all this? Or is it a bedrock of the human soul?

Kind of yes and yes to be honest! We are pattern seeking creatures and those patterns, that meaning drives us to create, evolve and change. I don’t even know if I believe in the idea of a soul as fact but I like the idea of it as a belief – just as art enables us to take on challenges and truths otherwise inconceivable with black and white… love gives us that shot of adrenaline we need to run for the prize/ finish line/ achieve the unachievable.

You can catch Debris’s show “Poet in da corner” at Wise Words on Sunday 30th April, in The Quinn Yurt. Her show starts at 18:00.

~ Alex Vellis.