Join the bouncing bunnies at bOing this weekend!

Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter. They lived with their Mother in a sand-bank, underneath the root of a very big fir-tree and got into all sorts of trouble – narrowly escaping the fate of their father many times. Their father was caught by the horrid Mr McGregor and Mrs McGregor made him into ‘a tasty’ rabbit pie!

Over time and after many adventures, the four little rabbits grew up. Flopsy married Benjamin Bunny and Peter started and ran his very own flower and vegetable stall.

This is where our tale begins…. Join us a bOing this weekend to discover how their story unfolds.

Until then let us introduce you to the bunnies!

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Hello everyone my name is Flopsy Bunny. Very nice to meet you!

I have a rather large family but you may know my brother Peter Rabbit and my husband Benjamin Bunny.

I have lots of little bunnies to look after which means trouble!

I spend most of my days making sure they are not up to no good in Mr McGregors garden. Don’t think I don’t know that they like to nibble on those delicious iceberg lettuces and not to mention cabbages and carrots. My favourite colour is blue and I like to sip cups of mint tea.

My heart sings along to mother nature. I do love listening to the breeze dancing amongst the trees and hearing the grass swish around me. My heart sinks when the cupboards go bare. The best advice I could give you is that if you want to change the world then start by loving your family at home. I love all my little bunnies and I hop and I hop that they love me too!

Peter Rabbit

PeterRabbit_new 4

Hey, I am Peter and I’m all grown up! I now run a successful flower, fruit and vegetable stall which I am looking forward to showing you at bOing! this weekend. 

I say I am all grown up, I have actually reached the grand old bunny-age of nine years and have a gorgeous happy family of nine children, twenty seven grand children, a hundred and thirty great grandchildren… and then I have to admit I lost count.

In my youth, I used to be a terrible rascal and a ringleader of the South East Fell Bunnies. In a recent interview with a Miss Potter of the Keswick Times I let her know that “What really makes my heart sing is a glorious summer day in the Lake District – and what makes my heart sink is the shortage of radishes in the winter months” If I’m really honest,the one bit of advice I would have given my six-year-old self would have been to eat fewer onions.  They do make one stout around the tum!

Benjamin Bunny


I was always a mischievous young bunny, who loved nothing more than sneaking a tasty treat from grumpy Mr McGregor’s garden. My father used to say that cousin Peter was a bad influence on me, or was it the other way round? Either way, the pair of us had had a fair few scrapes in our time!

I am all grown up now, and I married my darling Flopsy. We are well known in these parts for hosting the best rabbit tea parties you could imagine!. But, I’m afraid that marriage hasn’t tamed me and I certainly haven’t lost my sense of adventure. I am also determined that my own children, the gang of Flopsy bunnies, should learn a few tricks of the trade in terms outwitting the local humans…

What makes my heart sing? Glorious summer evenings spent sipping Flopsey’s delicious homemade camomile tea!

What makes my heart sink? Catching any sight of a cat. I can’t think of a scarier animal!

What would I tell my 6 year old self? Learn to run jump and hop as quickly as you can, and always have an escape! plan.

Mr McGregor


I was born in 1946, the son of a Glasgow small holder and named Alban McGregor. My early life was spent helping my Father in his quest for the perfect lettuce. My Father did grow the perfect lettuces. Tragically every time the crop reached perfection it was destroyed by rabbits. This had a huge effect on me as I hated seeing all that hard work go to waste and from that time onward I vowed to get my revenge on those pesky bunnies.

What makes your heart sing? The sight of my perfect field of new lettuces with the morning dew forming droplets of moisture like crystal clear jewels on every leaf.
What makes your heart sink? Teeth marks and holes in the leaves of my perfect batch of lettuces.
What advice would you give your 6 year old self? Learn to love the Lettuce, learn to cultivate the perfect Lettuce and learn to protect it from the dreaded Rabbit.